Do you know the reasons for the burst of hydraulic pipes?

The bursting of the hydraulic pipe is a headache for many excavator masters. Because the bursting of the pipe will cause the hydraulic oil to leak, the subsequent maintenance is time-consuming, laborious and costly. So what are the common causes of hydraulic pipe bursts?
1. Inferior hydraulic hoses are used

After the original hydraulic pipe is damaged, many people choose inferior hydraulic pipes whose quality is not up to standard for the sake of cheapness. The performance and reliability of this hydraulic pipe are far lower than the original ones.

In addition, the crimping process of the metal joints at both ends of the hydraulic pipe is poor, and the sealing and reliability cannot be guaranteed. After replacement and use, it will save oil and even leak oil. Therefore, you must choose high-quality products to replace the hydraulic pipe.

2. The hydraulic system pressure is too high

Excessive pressure in the hydraulic system will increase the probability of pipe bursting. The method is to test the pressure value generated by the main pump in combination with various actions. If the pressure value is confirmed to be too large, the pressure of the multi-way valve can be appropriately lowered.

3. The hydraulic oil temperature is too high

If your machine’s hydraulic system is high in temperature, it will also affect the sealing of hydraulic components and cause pipe bursts; in addition, high temperature will cause hydraulic components to expand, causing the valve core and valve body to jam, forming local high temperatures and causing pipe bursts.

4. Mix hydraulic oil with different marks

Excavators generally use 46# hydraulic oil instead of the factory. If you add 68# hydraulic oil common in parts stores during use, it will cause the hydraulic oil to change its nature and damage the components. High-viscosity hydraulic oil has poor fluidity, which will cause higher pressure locally in the hydraulic system, which is easy to cause leakage.

5. Bad operating habits

If the operator is rough during the operation, the huge impact load will generate instantaneous impact pressure in the hydraulic system. The impact pressure will cause premature failure of the pressure joint between the high-pressure oil pipe joint and the rubber pipe. Oil leakage or pipe bursting will greatly replace the hydraulic pressure. Therefore, the usual operation of the excavator must be gentle, and no high-intensity, high-risk movements.

6. The hydraulic pipe is corroded

Although most of the current hydraulic pipes have a certain degree of corrosion resistance, after all, rubber products have long-term exposure to diesel to form colloids that are fluffy and deteriorate. Produce certain adverse effects, try not to let the hose contact gasoline and diesel, generally rubber will expand and fluffy when immersed in gasoline and diesel for a long time. Therefore, in normal use, avoid corrosive liquids such as diesel oil from contacting the hose, and clean the outer surface of the hydraulic pipe frequently.

7. Abnormal vibration of hydraulic pipe

Gear pumps and screw pumps have oil pulsation when they work. This pulsation changes the hydraulic pipe to produce high-frequency vibration, which cannot be completely eliminated. Long-term abnormal vibration will cause fatigue and wear of hydraulic pipes. Therefore, it is necessary to check the pipe clamps and protective sleeves of the hydraulic pipes frequently. Once the pipe clamps are loose, the hydraulic pipes will be worn out and the pipes may burst.sae 100 r2 fushida hose

Post time: Dec-27-2020